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This is a decision making tool aimed commonly used by sales people to help customers make the decision to buy.  It can be used in non-sales situations as well so long as the decision is aYes/No decision (e.g. "Should I buy a new car", "Should we expand over seas" &c) or one that involves choosing between two distinct and non-overlapping actions (e.g. "For our summer Holiday this year shall we go to Lands End or John O'Groats").

First take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of it.  On one side of the line the word YES at the top and on the other write NO.  On the NO side write all the reason you can think of not to do what it is you need to decide about.  Once you're happy that you've captured all the reasons not to, switch to the YES side and put all the reasons to do it.  After completing both sides count the reasons, if there are any reaosns you feel are a bit weak maybe count then as only half, if there are any you think are particular strong maybe count them as 2.  Also be aware (inparticular on the NO side) of any 'Drop dead' reasons, that is any reason that on it's own compels a decision (e.g. if the decision is to buy a new car or not and one of the NO reasons is "I can't afford the purchase price and my credit rating is so bad that even loan sharks won't lend to me" then that is a drop dead for not buying).  Hopefully there will be enough difference in the scores that it will make it clear which is the best decision.