Service Knowlege Management System

The Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) is a system, or combination of systems or tools, that contain all the information required by the IT Service Provider to deliver and manage the full lifecycle of all services.

Typically it will be made up of:

  • A Configuration Management system which contains one or more Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), where there is more than one CMDB the Service Provider must ensure that duplication of information is avoided (or at least minimised) and where it is unavoidable the different CMDBs are kept in sync.
  • A Known Error Database which contains all known errors for Configuration Items and information about affected versions, work arounds and fixes to apply.
  • Definitive Media Library with holds media for all software (both purchased and internally developed) and license information (number of licenses, license keys etc)
  • Security Management Information System
  • Availability Management Information System
  • Capacity Management Information System
  • IT Service Continuity Management Information System
  • Supplier and Contract Management Information System
  • Service Portfolio which contains details the current Service Catalogue (currently offered services), Retired Services (services that used to be offered but are not any longer) and Service Pipeline (services currently in development that may be offered at some point in the future)
  • CSI Register which is an on-going log of all opportunities for Continual Service Improvements used to record them and manage their prioritisation and implementation.